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About Riders In Recovery

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We Are:

A brotherhood of men in recovery that actively work 12 step programs and..........

"Live & Ride - Clean & Sober"

A traditional motorcycle club with a three piece patch and "MC" cube.

A group of men that intend to enjoy life.

The core of our brotherhood is based on trust, respect and love for each other.  Through our brotherhood, we enhance our individual recovery, contribute to our community and enjoy life.  Our club and our activities are based on:

"Principles Before Personalities"

We support the motorcycle clubs and motorcycle organizations in our area and offer our respect to all patch holders. We are founding members of the North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (NCCMC) and Carolinas Motorcycle Organizations United (CMOU).

"We Give What We Get"


We Are Not:

AA or NA.

A 1%er motorcycle club.

A multi-chapter club.



Our Colors:

Our top rocker reads "RIDERS IN RECOVERY"; we proudly proclaim who we are.

Our bottom rocker reads "CHARLOTTE, NC", that's our home.

Our "MC" patch stands for our brotherhood, built on respect, trust and love.

The WINGS on our center patch symbolize the freedom we have in recovery and brotherhood.

The V-TWIN ENGINE symbolizes the power of men bound together with a common cause.

The CIRCLE and TRIANGLE carburetor symbolizes every breath we take in recovery that allows us to live and fuels our lives.

The ROCKER BOXES read "CLEAN & SOBER", without which not one of us would be here.

Our motto is "LIVE & RIDE - CLEAN & SOBER", we never ride alone.


Founded 1996
Copyright @ 1997.  Riders In Recovery Motorcycle Club
Riders In Recovery MC highly values our copyrights and we will aggressively pursue any
infringement or violations of the name "Riders In Recovery" in any form and all accompanying artwork.